Guarantee to Provide Customers With The Highest Quality Products

Product raw material control

The company has a professional quality department, we supervise our quality in every production chain from procurement to export. Each process is managed under a strict quality control system by independent teams working closely between chains of supervision.

Production line control

Our cooperative factories use standardized processes to control various indicators of production products, design different process conditions according to product technical requirements, and realize DCS automatic control.

For each batch produced, the feeding amount is accurately measured, the solvent ratio is strictly controlled, and the reaction process is controlled by the computer to reduce human error.

Quality inspection analysis control

We will conduct quality inspection and analysis for each batch of products, which is divided into single batch control and finished product control. A single batch of products can be mixed into a finished product after being tested and analyzed. All the indicators of the finished product must be tested and qualified before being packaged and stored.

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