High Performance PCE Flake Water Reducing Agent

PCE Flake has special characteristics compared to Liquid PCE. Sturdy, convenient for long-distance transportation, no leakage, no pollution. It is packed in PE bags, which greatly saves the packaging cost and storage space, and is suitable for long-term storage.​​​ Avoid mold, deterioration, freezing and other problems during storage. It expands the radius of the sales area to suit different weather.

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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Flakes

Product introduction

This product is flake, transparent crystal. It is produced by using acrylic acid and methacrylic acid as the main chain and polyoxyethylene ethers of different lengths as the side chain. The effective content can reach 98%.

PCE Flake

Product Specification

ItemvisualMoisture, %Insoluble matterPH <20% solution)
Indexflake transparent crystalline≦0.1≦0.1%7~8

Product application

①It has better adaptability with cement and is compatible with most retarding materials.

②Suitable for long-distance transportation and storage. The quality is stable, the compounding is simple, and it has outstanding advantages.

③With good slump retention performance, it is specially used for pumping flow plasticizing concrete.

④For high strength, high elastic modulus, high impermeability, low shrinkage, low creep, high performance concrete with good durability.

pce superplastic

Product usage

This product can be added into the water directly , then put into some retarding materials with gauge, mix it till uniform finally.

Packing & Storage


Woven bag outside with PE bag inside. 25kg/bag or as client


1. Store in a cool, cool, dry and ventilated place.

2. Users must wear standard safety equipment such as waterproof gloves, goggles, and overalls.

Quality guarantee period

1 year (under suitable conditions). Exceed the validity period and must pass the test inspection. Can only be used in qualified situations.

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