Lithium carbonate can promote the early hardening reaction of cement, so that the early strength is improved, thereby improving the performance of early-strength cement.

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industrial grade lithium carbonates

Product introduction

Lithium carbonates  can be used as a fire retardant in building materials. Because lithium carbonate has good flame retardant properties, it can effectively reduce the combustion performance of building materials and improve the fire protection level of buildings. Adding a certain proportion of lithium carbonate to building materials can effectively reduce the occurrence of fire accidents and protect people's lives and property.

Lithium carbonate can also play a role in enhancing the strength of materials in building materials. Lithium carbonate has high hardness and strength, which can increase the durability and structural strength of building materials. Mixing lithium carbonate with other materials can significantly improve the compressive performance and tensile strength of building materials, making buildings stronger and more stable.

Lithium carbonate can also be used as a whitening agent in building materials. Because lithium carbonate has good whiteness and hiding properties, it can make building materials appear bright and white in color, improving the aesthetics of buildings. When making building decoration materials such as wall coatings and floor coatings, adding a certain proportion of lithium carbonate can make the materials have better whiteness and gloss, and improve the overall decorative effect of the building.

Lithium carbonate can also be used as a stabilizer in building materials. Because lithium carbonate has good stability, it can effectively reduce the deformation and aging of building materials under different environmental conditions. When making cement, concrete and other building materials, adding an appropriate amount of lithium carbonate can enhance the stability of the material and extend the service life of the building.

As a paint additive, lithium carbonate can improve the adhesion and hardness of the paint, improve the fluidity and corrosion resistance of the paint, and extend the service life of the paint.

With the continuous development of the construction industry, the application scope of lithium carbonate is also expanding, and it is expected to become one of the important materials in the construction industry in the future.

Product specification

Melting point 720ºC
Boiling point 1230ºC
density 2.11
Molar Mass73.89
color white

Product application

lithium carbonates

Lithium carbonates  is a colorless and odorless white crystalline powder that is a commonly used chemical in the construction field. Lithium carbonate products for construction are mainly used as hardening accelerators and antifreezes for concrete, as well as additives for cement products.

In terms of accelerating the hardening of concrete, lithium carbonate can accelerate the early strength development of concrete and reduce the curing time of concrete, thereby improving the production efficiency and performance of concrete. At the same time, lithium carbonate can also improve the durability and crack resistance of concrete and reduce the shrinkage and cracking of concrete.

In terms of anti-freeze, lithium carbonate can effectively reduce the freezing point of concrete and prevent concrete from freezing damage in low-temperature environments. This is very important for winter construction of construction projects.

In terms of additives for cement products, lithium carbonate can increase the early strength and hardening speed of cement products, while also improving the durability and crack resistance of cement products, making them more suitable for various construction purposes.

In general, lithium carbonate products for construction are an important building material chemical that can improve the performance and service life of building materials and provide more reliable protection for the construction and use of construction projects.

Packaging & Shipping

It shall be packed in two layers of plastic film bags lined with plastic woven bags or plastic film covered bags. The inner bag is tied or heat sealed, and the seam of the outer bag is firm. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.

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