Non-ionic Cellulose Ether MHEC Methylcellulose

Compared with the common HPMC cellulose ether, it has a relatively high gel temperature, which is more advantageous in high temperature use environment. Like HPMC, HEMC also has good antifungal, dispersing, emulsifying, thickening, cohesive, water-retaining and gum-retaining properties

  • 7 days
  • 7000MT per annum
  • Information

Hydroxythyl methyl cellulose

Product introduction

The production preparation is slightly different from HPMC. After cellulose is alkalized, ethylene oxide is used to replace propylene oxide and the hydroxyl group on the glucose ring group is replaced. Compared with HPMC, the chemical structure of HEMC has more hydrophilic groups, so it is more stable at high temperature and has good thermal stability. 

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

Packing & Storage

25kg paper bags with PE inner.

Product application

(1) In the field of building construction, HEMC is used in mechanized construction such as masonry, stucco decoration, and caulking. ;

(2) In the tile adhesive for pasting tiles, marble, etc., HEMC can effectively improve the adhesion strength and reduce the amount of cement;

(3) In plastering gypsum, water-resistant putty, bonding gypsum, caulking gypsum and other products, HEMC can significantly improve its key properties such as water retention and bonding strength, and has the characteristics of good workability and no cracking;

(4) HEMC is used as a thickener in the coating industry, which can make the coating bright and delicate, not depowder, and improve its leveling performance;

HEMC cellulose

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