PCE Liquid Used In Premix Of Construction And Cast-in-place Concrete

Large slump retention value: after 1 hour, the slump can reach more than 80% of the slump of fresh concrete, which can effectively solve the problem of rapid slump loss of concrete
After use, the concrete has excellent performance, good workability, excellent hardening and durability
It has wide adaptability to Portland cement, ordinary portland cement, slag silicate, fly ash cement and various admixtures.
Green and environmental protection. The raw materials used are non-toxic and harmless, and there are no three wastes in the production process.

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pce liquid

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Liquid

Product introduction

ES SR199 is a new generation of slow-release polycarboxylic acid water reducer, which can significantly inhibit the slump loss of concrete. The product is suitable for compounding with high-performance polycarboxylic acid water reducer or used alone, with excellent performance.

Product specification

Visual Appearance/Colorless or yellowish liquid
PH Acidity%6.5±1.0
Solid Content%40.0±1.0 ,50.0±1.5
Cement Paste Fluiditymm≥220

Product application

1. PCE ES SR199 is a superplasticizer for premixes for construction and cast-in-place concrete,

Especially in areas with hot weather.

2. Especially suitable for high-strength concrete such as railways, ports, transportation, bridges, electric power, etc.power supply, etc.

3. Suitable for the preparation of high-strength, high-durability, self-compacting, steel Fiber and self-leveling concrete.

pce liquid used in premix of construction

Packing & Storage

1. Liquid product: 230kg/PE drum, 1100kg/IBC tank.

2. Sealed stored under 0-35C, far away from sunlight.

3. Shelflife is normally 12 month. It is tested eligibility and then used when it exceeds.

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