HPMC water retention is affected by temperature and the following factors

2023-01-20 08:55

1. HPMC element uniformity

Homogeneous reaction of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, methoxy, hydroxypropoxy evenly distributed, high water retention rate.

2. HPMC hot gel temperature

Hot gel has high temperature and high water retention rate; On the contrary, the water retention rate is low.

3. HPMC viscosity

When HPMC viscosity rises, water retention rate also rises; When the viscosity reaches a certain degree, the increase of water retention rate tends to be gentle.

4. Amount of HPMC added

The larger the amount of HPMC added, the higher the water retention rate, the better the water retention effect. In the range of 0.25-0.6%, the water retention rate increased rapidly with the increase of the addition amount. The increasing trend of water retention rate slows down when the added amount increases further.

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